Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Company, Inc. Announces Add-on Acquisition by Proact Services Corporation

Indianapolis, IN – February 2, 2017 – ProAct Services Corporation (“ProAct”), a portfolio company of Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Company, Inc. (“HKW”) announced that it closed on the acquisition of the internal combustion engine (“ICE”) degassing equipment of Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. (“GES”) on February 2, 2017. This is ProAct’s third add-on since becoming an HKW portfolio company in October of 2014.

Frank Smiddy, CEO of ProAct, stated, “This is a great opportunity to expand our degassing and vapor control services to the Northeastern part of the United States.”

“The acquisition of the ICE equipment of GES is another exciting addition to the ProAct business, solidifying the Company’s position as the leading provider of ICE degassing in the United States,” said Mike Foisy, HKW’s Lead Operations Partner and Chairman of ProAct’s Board of Directors.

About ProAct

ProAct, headquartered in Ludington, MI, is an environmental treatment solutions provider focused on removing contaminants from water, air, and soil for clients across the United States and abroad. For additional information on ProAct, please visit http://www.proact-usa.com/.

About HKW

HKW is a private equity firm founded in 1903 with offices in Indianapolis and New York. Since 1982, HKW has sponsored 53 platform transactions of lower middle-market companies throughout North America, as well as 58 add-on acquisitions. For further information on HKW, please visit www.hkwinc.com.