HKW is evolving with clarity and purpose, while honoring the vision of the firm’s founders and our 100 plus year history. We focus on specific sectors in which we can utilize our skills and perspective, leveraging technology as part of a data-driven methodology to power our “Four Pillar” structure. HKW has developed processes that support our strategy to find, create, and sustain value in our companies while trusting and appreciating that our approach is what sets us apart.

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The Four Pillar approach is an organizational structure of how we operate our private equity firm today. This structure affects how we:

  1. Identify opportunities through our deal-sourcing model.
  2. Assess opportunities and manage risk.
  3. Collaborate with companies to execute fundamental operational initiatives.
  4. Consider exit strategies beginning the day the deal closes.
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The HKW Four Pillar approach requires each team to function in coordination on every investment. Roles are specialized within each pillar, working seamlessly together. It is always about the team.

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Our focus is the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Business Services sectors.

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Our mission is to partner with talented management teams to build and grow companies. Meet the companies with whom we have partnered.


*HKW seeks control equity buyout transactions, though there is no guarantee consummated transactions will be structured in such a manner. Actual transactions may differ.

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