Our approach is built around an investment process designed to identify outstanding businesses with meaningful growth potential. Although this entails a methodology that relies on quantitative criteria, our decision to partner with a company is heavily influenced by our qualitative values. These values are centered on an alignment of interests with each management team.  

This process has evolved over time through our commitment to a culture focused on continuous improvement.

The HKW Four Pillar Approach requires that every one of the teams at HKW work in coordination with one another to ensure maximum success for all.

This process has evolved over time through our commitment to a culture focused on continuous improvement

Four Pillar Approach



Go Where Others Don’t

Being based in Indiana helps one to appreciate the depth of talent that lies outside of the traditional large metropolitan areas. We work hard to find companies across the US and Canada, no matter where they are located.

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Working Together with Integrity

At HKW, we do what we say we are going to do. We work hard to not only be responsive, but also develop a connection with the business and its management team. Our transaction structure also reflects our commitment to fairness, as both HKW and management purchase shares from the same common equity pool. During our investment process, we work to understand the current owner’s point of view and vision, not just check boxes. We believe a successful relationship must get off to a great start and we strive to treat owners fairly throughout the acquisition process.

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Strategic Insights to Help Take Companies to the Next Level

We are proud to say that the businesses we have purchased are built by smart, dedicated people. Our true value to these companies is in the broad operational expertise we offer. Our goal is to combine management’s industry expertise with our strategic insights and operational experience to drive the company to greater heights.

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Portfolio Management

Partnership Until the End

We work with our management teams throughout our hold period to improve and position companies for an eventual sale. We work thoughtfully with management on preparing the business to seek the best possible outcome, whether it be helping to hire a new CFO or working customer concentration down to a more manageable level.

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Investment Criteria

If your company or a company in your network fits the below investment criteria and you are interested in speaking, please send us an email!
Ryan Grand - rmg@hkwinc.com
Ryan Supple - rws@hkwinc.com


Control equity buyouts of growth-oriented, small and mid-sized companies in the US and Canada


$5-30mm (Primary focus: $8-20mm)
Companies must be profitable




We look for meaningful management equity participation/rollover





Qualitative Criteria

Management teams with whom we've enjoyed success run their businesses and inspire their teams with a culture that exudes energy and encourages collaboration.

Partnership mentality

Management teams willing to further invest in themselves

A culture of shared success

A culture open to change