About HKW

Founded in 1903, HKW has evolved from a merchant/investment bank to a leader in the private equity industry.

Today, HKW continues to seek investments in companies with solid fundamentals, providing financial transaction expertise and empowering management.

The firm has successfully sponsored management buy-outs of companies in a variety of industries, including, more recently: medical devices, specialty vehicles, aerospace, defense, utility related infrastructure, energy, oil/gas, nuclear, coal, and niche manufacturing, among others. In addition to providing capital, HKW has continued to increase its service and support offerings.

The history of Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Company, Inc. is rich and full. It’s a story of success and expertise—the anchors that keep the firm well grounded. But it is a story that has only just begun. As it casts off into the future, HKW is well positioned to continue to serve as an experienced, supportive, and sophisticated partner, working together with management to build world class companies.

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News & Announcements

  • Indianapolis, IN – Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Company, Inc. (“HKW”) is pleased to announce that on December 29, 2017 it closed on the sale of Health … Read More +

Portfolio Spotlight:
GCR, Inc.

GCR provides professional services and software products to public sector clients. Software suites include business registration/filings, voter registration, campaign finance, nuclear water chemistry management, and airport management.

Portfolio Spotlight:
Protect Plus Air Holdings, LLC

The company is a top manufacturer and distributor of retail air filters and related products for home HVAC systems.

Portfolio Spotlight:
Allied Vision Group, Inc.

A leading distributor of contact lenses, optical products, and pet medication products.

Portfolio Spotlight:
Xirgo Technologies, LLC

Xirgo is a leading provider of wireless telematics modules for tracking, monitoring, protecting and controlling remote assets and workers supporting the Internet of Things (“IoT”) growth sector.

Portfolio Spotlight:
Gatekeeper Systems, Inc.

Gatekeeper offers a product suite of intelligent cart solutions to minimize merchandise loss and reduce asset and labor expenditures.

Portfolio Spotlight:

A consumer packaged goods company with a unique portfolio of specialty food and beverage brands.

Portfolio Spotlight:
Partners in Leadership, Inc.

Provider of accountability and cultural transition training services to blue chip companies. PIL utilizes a combination of business line level, results-focused training and C-suite focused, enterprisewide solutions.

Portfolio Spotlight:
ProAct Services Corporation

ProAct specializes in providing innovative air and water treatment solutions customized to meet the requirements of specific environmental issues.

Portfolio Spotlight:
Specialized Desanders, Inc.

Provider of engineered de-sanding solutions to high pressure oil and gas wells.

Portfolio Spotlight:
Brant Instore Corporation

Full service provider (including prepress and design support, printing, finishing, fulfillment and distribution) of in-store and shopper marketing solutions and related products for leading retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

Portfolio Spotlight:
Royal Camp Services Ltd.

Royal Camp is a leading provider of workforce accommodations, catering and complementary services (“Camp and Catering” services) to customers operating in the oil, natural gas and mining industries in western Canada.